Russian Catalogs and Fashion Magazines with Boys Clothing: Garments

Figure 1.--While this looks like a catalog page, it probably came from an unidentified fashion magazine, probasbly during the 1970s. Notice the home-sewing pointers. The clothes are casual styles following trends in the West. Notice the long hair. Soviet officials at first discouraged long hair, but apparently by the 70s gave up on tryinging to control hair styles.

Russian went through momentous changes during the 20th century. During Tsarist period we see basically Western European fashions in the catalogs we have found. With the Revolution the very idea of fashion camne into question. Some idealized oberall vecause of its working class connotations. With Stalin;s rise, fashion comes bsck into play, at leasr for the Soviet elite and there was a gebneral trend to copy Western fashion. We have archived a few pages from post-World War II Soviet fashion magazines showing a variety of different garments. We do not know if fashion magazines existed before the War. Some of the pages have the look of Western masil order catalogs, but as fae as we know the Soviets did not have actual mail order catalogs. At this stage of HBC's development we are archiving these dashion pages in the chronological section, if we have an actual date. If we can't date them we will archive them here by garment type. We can estimate the dates of the pages we archive here. We will eventually also add references to the garments archived in the chronological section here. Wedo not yet know much avout the post-Soviet period.


We primarily note flat caps in the Soviet fashion magazines during the pre-World war II and immddiate post-Wae era. Some younger boys are shown wearing betets.

Shirts and Blouses


We note a range of knee pants, short pants, knickers, and long pants depicted in Russian fashion magazines over time. The mix varied over time, generally following Western fashion conventions. We do not know a great deal about the Tsarist era. We note both knee pants and long pants. The idea of fashion was questioned after the Revolution and the 1920s seems to be a period that was not influenced by Western styles. Soviet fashion publications when they first appeared in ththe 1930s generally depicted short pants for younger boys. This is a little surprising given the climate, but the both boys and girls wore long stockings during the cold weather. We note bib-front shorts in the 1940s. Shorts were depicted for younger boys to wear year-round. Older boys are depicted as wearing knickers, but knickers do not seem very common in the photographic record. Short pants were still common in the 1940s and 50s after World War II. As in the West we see more long pants by the 1960s. Jeans in particular became very popular. And we see stylistic ganges like flares. As in the Wesrt, short pants by the 1980s had become a casual warm weather style.




We see Russian boys wearing all kinds of hosiery, including various length socks, long stockings, and tights. We do not have much information on the Tsaeist era, but suspect long stovckings were widely worn. When after the Revolution, fashion magazines begin to reappear in the 1930s, we see many children wearing long stockings, almost always light brown tan shades. Thus it is often not possible to be sure that the children are wearing stockings. Our general assessment is that children in fashion magazines are almost always depicted wearing hosiery. Thus if no socks which were often white or brightly colored are apparent, the child was meant to be seen as wearing stickings. We see socks, especially knee socks being worn during the warmer months. We note that long stockings were commonly depicted with styling short oants sxuits into the the 1940s. Long stockings continued to be worn through the 1960s, but we see the fashions magazines using kneesovks more in the depictions. The fashion elite saw them as molre fashionable. Tights were introduced to the Soviet public in the 1970s, but we are unsure to what extent they were depicted in the fashion magazines.



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