Scottish Mail Order Catalogs and Advertisements with Boys Clothing

Figure 1.--A Scottish advertising comoany in the 1920s used this drawing of these kilted boys to advertise their services.

Scottish mail order catalogs and advertisements help to illustrate destinctive clothing styles and changes over time in those styles. Scottish consumers commonly used English mail order catalogs. In fact we do not know of any Scottisjh mail order companies. There were, however, Scottish stores with catalogs and advertizements that appeared in Scottish newspapers. For the most part the styles or quite similar to English styles, but there some differences. The most obvious was the kilt, but there were other differences. Most of the items we have found relate to Scottish kilt outfits, but they were only a small fraction of the actual advertising .


Scottish mail order catalogs offer a great deal of information on specific clothing styles and garments worn over time. We are at this early stage of developing oyr catalog archive focusing primarily on the chronological pages. We will eventually list these pages in both sections. We have some catalog pages without dates which we are initially archiving here.


Scottish mail order catalogs and newspaper advertisements offer a very useful time line on changing fashion trends. I am not sure precisely when mail order catalogs first appeared in Scotland. I believe that they were initially an American inovation. HBC has begun collect mail order pages. Advertisements appeared in the newspapers before the first mail order catalogs appeared.


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Created: April 28, 2000
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