American Mail Order Catalogs with Boys Clothings: 1893

Figure 1.--

Boys commonly wore suits. Catalogs in 1893 offered a wide range of boys suits. The selection would appear to be much more varied than availavle for boys today.The Work Brothers in 1893 offered a wide selection of boys suits in sizes 11 to 18 years. The company also offered kneepants which were standard for boys at the time.

Kilt Suits


Boys commonly wore blouses in the 1890s. It became accepted for boys to wear blouses without suit jackets during the summer. We note that the Delineator offered quite a range of Fauntleroy blousesin 1893.


Reefer Suits


Work Brothers: Suits

The Work Brothers in 1993 offered a wide rannge of "boys suits" in sizes 11 to 18. These suits appear to be long pants suits. The catalog describes the material and color, but does not specify sizes. Note use of the word "nobby" which is no longer used. It apparently meant that it looked like something an affluent or stylish person would wear. There is another section for "children's suits". These appear to be kneepants suits.



HBC in 1893 has noted both kneepants and long pants. We have not noted either short pants or knickers.

Work Brothers: Kneepants

Work Brothers offered kneepants for boys from 4 to 13 years of age. This is interesting because it suggests the age at which parents began to breech boys and the age at which boys began wearing long pants.


Long Stockings


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