American Mail Order Catalogs with Boys Clothings: 1899

Figure 1.--This advertisement for 'Boys' fashionable clothing' was placed by Rennacker & Co. SquareDealing Clothiers. C.A,. Rennacker, Jr. was used a model for a smart white summer suit. Also adverized was little vestee suits, double breasted suits, reefers, and top coats.

Younger boys wore dresses through most of the 19th century, but theis concention was decling by the end of the 1890s. Even kilt suits were becoming less common. We do see tunics becoming a popular garment. Suits were very common in the 1890s. Boys normlly wore them except duting the summer whent they might rar blouses wuthput jackets. Younger boys wore Fauntlroy suits, but the fashion was decliming. Sailor suits werte very popular. We note an ad from Rennacker showing a boy in a smart white summer sailor suit (figure 1). We also see a range of standard (sack) suits, both single- and double-breasted jackets. Most American boys wore knee pants in 1899. They had become standard by the end if the decade, even in rural areas. One exception was the sailor suit. They could be worn with either long opants or knee pants. And knee pants were generally worn with long stockings, unless the boy was going barefoot during the summer. Both boys and girls commonly wore long stockings. American children at the turn of the 20th century, both boys and girls, almost universally wore underwaists to hold up outer clothing and long stockings. We notice an ad for the EZ Easy Waist for boys and girls. Another early advertisement for boys' and girls' skeleton waists appeared in the Nebraska State Journal (Lincoln, Nebraska) on April 22, 1899. These waists were on sale at Miller and Paine's department store in Lincoln (the Notions department). We notice an ad for Warner's Perfection Waists in 1899.


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