American Sewing Patterns: Standard Pattern Sailor Suits (1910s)

Figure 1.--This is the Standard pattern for a boy's sailor suit (No. 8609). This pattern is available for purchase by clicking on the image.

Here is a pattern from the Standard Pattern Company. We know very little about the company at this time. We have collected some information on pattern companies around the world, but Standard is not one of the companies we have yet developed information about. It was paatern No. 8609 for a boy's sailor suit. It is undated. Saundra Ros Altman's: Past Patterns dates it to the 1910s. We think the 1900s may be more appropriate, but sailor suits like this may have also be worn in the early 1910s. Standard Patterns did their patterns at the time in only one size, the original size that it was issued. The size was a 22 3/4" bust. Mothers were expected to make size adjustments for their boy on their own. Older patterns like this one tended to have very limited instructions. Standard described the pattern as a "Boys' Sailor Suit, consisting of a blouse with box-plaited or sailor sleeves and regulation or stole sailor collar; and trousers with or without a fly." Suggested fabrics were: Chambray, cheviot, galatea cloth, khaki cloth, cotton crash, linene, linen, serge, and percale. The colors were cadet blue, white, navy blue, natural, tan and pink. Materials required: 2-5/8 Yds. 36" fabric.


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