Velvet Grip Supporters, 1913

Figure 1.--This was a 1913 ad for Velvet Grip Supporters. Note the complications of dressing for younger children and how the older children helped the younger children. Source: New York Public Library.

All we have at this time is an interesting ad for Velvet Grip upporters. The ad not only shows the garment, but illustrates some contemprary family trends.


This style of stocking supporters was marketed, apprently successful for quite a few years. We first note them in a 1886 advertisement.

George Frost Company

We know nothing about the George Frost Company at this time, except that it was located in Boston. We do note that this is a different company than produced the Velvet Grip Supporters in 1886. The company then was Foy, Harmon & Chadwick located in New Haven, Connecticut, another company we know virtually nothing about.


We do not know the title of the publication in which this ad appeared.

The Garment

Here we see another ad for Velvet Grip Supporters--this one in 1913. This garment was designed to hold up long stockings.

Family Trends

This ad has a certain interest missing for the other Velvet Grip ads on HBC because it stresses the idea of children dressing themselves and helping each other get dressed, more complicated for little boys and girls in former times than now because of the wearing of underwaists, garters, long stockings, and other underwear. (This note about assistance in dressing from an older sibling also appears in the Double Ve Waist ad of 1896). The boy's sister is obviously helping her younger brother to get dressed and showing him how to fasten the clasps of his supporters to his stocking tops. Note that the price is only 16 cents a pair.

Ad Copy

The ad copy read, "Velvet Grip Rubber Button Hose Supporter for Boys and Girls is easy, safe and economical; allows the utmost freedom of movement and is readily attached. It interests children in dressing themselves. All genuine [Velvet Grip supporters] have the Molded Rubber Button, and Velvet Grip is stamped on the loops. Sample pair, children's size (give age), mailed on receipt of 16 cents. George Frost Company, Boston, U.S.A."


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