United States Patterns: Ladies Home Journal Rimpers (probably early 1920s)

Figure 1.--"The Ladies Home Journal" offered this child's romper suit in tghe magazine. We are not sure about the date, but believe it was during the early 1920s.

The pattern for this one-piece romper suit appeared in The Ladies Home Journal. Unfortunately we do not have the date of the issue, but would guess the early 1920s. It was done with a size 20 inch bust. The description read, "Child's One-Piece Rompers, closing at back and lower edge. Having box-plait at center-front and shirring or smocking at each side. Long one-piece gathered sleeves finished with wristbands, or long one-piece plain sleeves finished with cuffs and perforated for shorter length." The suggested fabrics were: peggy cloth, poplin, twilled jean, pique, chambray, cotton rep, suiting, and linene. The suggested colors were gray, white, medium green, dark blue, tan, and blue. Materials required: 1-5/8 Yds. 36" fabric.


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Created: 7:16 PM 10/23/2004
Last updated: 12:55 PM 5/12/2006