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Historical Girls' Clothing: Countries--Australia

Australian girls dresses 19th century
Figure 1. These three girls presumably sisters are unidentified. Theu all wear matching sailor dresses. The cabinet card portrait is also undated, but we would guess was taken about 1900, but we are not at all sure. The studio was J Weller in Maryborough, Victoria.

Australia was fojunded as a Btitish colony in the late-18th century. Girls fashions were essentilly the same as fashions in Britain. The only important difference we can detect is that it was more common for children to go barefoot in Australia. We see the same styles and fashion chnges over time. Australian children spent more time outdoors which affects the clothing chosen, but the stupes and basic garments were the same. Girls only wore dresses and skirts throughout the 19th century. In the 20th century, especially after World War I we begin to see rompers and shirts, but dresses continued to be the standard garment. World War II was a turning point for Australia. Contacts widen with other countries especilly the United states. We see American styles becoming popular, especially active wear. Dresses comntinue to be stndard wear. Girls only wore drsses to school. By the 1960s we begin to see girls commonly wearing garments other thn dresses. As many Australian schools have British-style uniforms, dresses and skirts coninued to be standrd at school.


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