** historical girls' clothing: headscarves

Girls' Inclemet Weather Garments

girls bonnets
Figure 1.--The photo was taken in 1925 in downtown Galway, Ireland. Looking at the heavy shawl worn by the girl , it suggsts a chilly day. Note the shawl is being used as hair scarve as well. Probably it had rained.

Inclement weather clothing is interesting because of all the different garment types, cold weather garment for obvious reasons are more similar for boys and girls than any other garment. Most of the differences between fashions for boys and girls are purely stylidtic. There is no real utilitarin differnce as to why boys wear pants and girls skirted garmrnts. Which can be seen with girls now wearing many boys' styles such as jeans. Inclement weather garments more so thsn all other garment styles are utilitarian. They have a clearly defined purpose--to keep the individual warm or dry. This limits the ability of the designer to vary styles. With other garmnt tyoes, the designerf has a tabla rasa to create varied styles. This is not the case for inclent weather garments. As a result, often the garmnts such as scarves, mittens, ear muffs, stocking caps, hosiery, leggings, and coats awere re virtually idedntical, although the colors might vary and coat buttons might be on a different side. The major garments have to cover most of the body which is not the case for many girl garments. There are differences. Muffs and shawls are just for girls, but because the primary design feature is repelling water or keping the child warm , inclemet weathr garmentsd are very similar -- if not identical. A good example is leggings.


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