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Girl's Historical Clothing: Hair Styling--Country Trends

Japnese hair styles
Figure 1.--Here we see a cabinet card showing Japanese girls and women of all ages. The photograph is undated, but we would guess that it was about 1920. Notice that the girls are wearing hair bows which were not nearly as common in Japan as in the West at the time.

We have just begun to develop information on girls' hair styles in different countries. Our archive focuses primarily on Western countries, primarily because photography was developed in the West and thed photigrapohic recordd primarily consists of European and North American countries. Latin America might be considered part of the West, but our archive of Latinn American countrides is limited. This is primarily an economic matter. Rich countries almost by definition are going to have larger photographic records than poor countries. Since World War II, this has begun to change as nmore cojuntries dopt capitalist ecinomic sustem and begin to experuence ecoomic prosperity. We notice many hair styles that are popular across national borders. There may be nationl trends and chrionological diffwerwnces. There are some styles that are especially popular in certain countries. Hair styles are in part affected by the type of hair. Therefore their are ethnic differences wjich in par are country differences. This children in African countris and countris with population with African ancestry in particular have destinctive hair styles affected by their courser hair. At this time mych of our infirmatiin is European. We only have pages on girls hair styles in America. WEe have very littlr on Aian and African gaur styles. The only asin page we have is Japan, but we are constantly expnding our site and welcome reader comment.


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