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Figure 1.--Here we see a 19th century German family. The image is undated. HBC thought the rather plain clothes suggested the 1870s. Alnum1900 reports that cardboard on this cabinent card is clearly from the mid-1880s. It is a good example of the many fascinating images in the Album1900 website.

HBC readers will undoubtedly have noticed many charming photographs contributed by Album1900. This is a fascinating internet site that focuses mostly on historical photographies and deals with life in Germany during the 19th and the early 20th centuries. Here we see a wide range of images of German people, both children and adults. The pages are done in both the English and German languages. The site is not restricted solely to German images, but is largely devoted to Germany. HBC has found this a wonderful association, not only because of the images that Album1900 has contributed to HBC, but because of helpful assistance provided in interpreting German images.

Album1900 Link

Welcome to "Album 1900", a pictorial journey through past times. The navigation bar above will help to find everything that can be discovered in this virtual museum of photographs, etc. Here people are the focus of interest.

Album1900 Link

Willkommen bei "Album 1900", einer Reise in Bildern durch vergangene Zeiten. Die obere Navigationsleiste wird helfen, all das zu finden, was es in diesem virtuellem Museum der Photographien, etc. zu entdecken gibt. Menschen stehen hier im Mittelpunkt.

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Created: 6:10 PM 10/22/2004
Last updated: 6:11 PM 10/22/2004