Literature: Poetry

Figure 1.--.

Poetry to a lesser extent than novels has interesting details about clothing. One subject that poetry does address, however, is childhood. Often poets romantasize childhood, but other poets provide more realistic insights in the childhood experience.


Here is a poem by Noel Coward, "Stahework". Sports are commonly associated with boys. Coward reminds us that not all boys are interested in sports.

I can remember, I can remember.
The months of November and December,
Although climatically cold and damp,
Mean more to me than Aladdin's lamp.
I see myself, having got a job,
Walking on wings along the Strand,
Uncertain whether to laugh or sob
And tightly clutching my mother's hand.
I never cared who scored a goal
Or which side won a siver cup.
I never learned to bat or bowl
But I heard the curtain going up.


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