Costumes of Literary Characters: Switzerland--Heidi

Figure 1.--Here we see Heidi with the goatheard (Geissenpeter) Peter. I'm not sure who was the illustrator.

The only Swiss book I know of is Johanna Spyri's Heidi. Of course Heidi is a girl. She is a healthy girl from the mountains who is taken from her grandfather. She changes the life of a a rich girl in the city. There is a goatheard named Peter in the story. Goatheard in German is "Geissenpeter" ("Geiss" is one of the German names for "goat", "Geissen" is the plural). The book was written in German and can thus be classified in the German literary tradition. Of course a sizeable part of the Swiss population is German-speaking.


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Created: 11:40 PM 5/8/2005
Last updated: 11:40 PM 5/8/2005