Little Lord Fauntleroy: The Story

Figure 1.--Mrs Burnett begind her classic book in New York where Cedric learns that he is Little Lord Fauntleroy, heir to a great English estate.

Little Lord Fauntleroy is the charming account about an impoverished American boy, Cedric Erol, and his gruff English grandfather, the Earl of Dorencourt. Cedric and his beloved widowed mother are summoned to England so that Cedric may meet his paternal grandfather and take his rightful place as Lord Fauntleroy, heir to his grandfather's estate. The old Earl dislikes Americans and refuses to meet his daughter-in-law, insisting that the boy live with him, apart from Dearest, as Cedric calls his mother. Gradually, the Earl discovers that Cedric is a courageous, caring boy with a strong sense of right and duty. He realises that this is primarily due to the influence of his American mother who he has shunded. Dearest is finally allowed to rejoin Cedric and enjoy the love and respect of her father-in-law. The Earl's decission to bring his favorite son's only boy to England from America, not only ichanges young Cedric's life dramatically forever, but his innocent goodness eventually transforms the Earl who haf reigned over Dorencout making the life of the workers miserable. With an ever-innocent and trusting perspective on life he manages to turn his bitter grandfather into a loving, generous man while also endearing himself to every other person he comes in contact with. Contrary to the popular image of Little Lord Fauntleroy as a simpering child tied to his mother's apron strings, the hero Cedric is robust, determined, and straightforward. His namby-pamby reputation is wholly unjustified. Of course Mrs. Burnett's costuming did not help a great deal here.


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Created: 4:49 AM 2/26/2007
Last updated: 4:49 AM 2/26/2007