Clothing Technology: Time Line

Figure 1.--.

A simple time line is helpful to understand the developments in clothing manufacture over time as well a the modern developments in children's clothing.


: Primitive humans used animmal skins and furs as early clothing.

3000 B.C.

: Cotton is woven in the Indus Valley, Asia.

1600 B.C.

: Shoes (like moccasins) are made by the Babylonians.

1500 B.C.

: Silk is woven by the Chinese, but is kept as closely held secret.

1200 B.C.

: Linen is made from flax by the Egyptians.

1100 B.C.

: Assyrian soldiers fashion the first boots. One of the many examples of the milyary influence in clothing.

200 A.D.

: Romans are the first to make different shoes for left and right feet.

1200 A.D.

: Buttons are first used in Europe.

1580 A.D.

: Pockets are sewn in men's trousers in Europe.

1823 A.D.

: Waterproof cloth is invented by Mackintosh, a Scotsman.

1849 A.D.

: The safety pin is invented by Walter Hunt, an American. Amelia Blooer begins to wear "bloomers" and campaign for more rational dress.

About 1850

: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert begin dressing the royal princes in sailor suits and kilts.

1851 A.D.

: The home sewing machine is patented by Isaac Singer in America.

1873 A.D.

: Jeans are made by Levi Straus, a Germant immigrant in America. In Vrance, educational officials begin to require that children wear smocks to school.


: Frances Hodgsen Burnett publishes Little Lord Fauntleroy igniting the Fauntleroy craze for boys clothing.


: The zipper, first used to fasten shoes, is patented by the American Whitcomb Jackson.


: Lord Baden Powell choses short pants and kneesocks for the Boy Scout uniform.


: Asian pajamas replace nightshirts in Europe.


: World War I causes belingerent countries to ration clothing and to issue regulations requiring more practical styles.


: Keds produces the tennis shoe which becomes a main-stay for American boys.


: Synthetic fibers are made by combining coal and petroleum.


: American women wear trousers for golf and horseback riding.


: Polyurethane is developed and used for stretch cloth.


: World War II causes belingerent countries to again ration clothing and to issue regulations requiring more practical styles.


: Nylon stockings are sold in America, but the War soons divert production for military purposes such as a silk replacement in parachutes.


: Polyester fabric is developed in America, but World War II pevents immediate mass marketing.


: The Beatles become popular and begin to change boys' hair style fashions


: John F. Kennedy Jr's bangs and shortalls become a popular fashion.


: Velcro is patented by George de Mestral of Switzerland.


: The growing popularity of basketball and soccer combine to make tube socks and short pants increasingly popular with American boys.


: Calvin Klein begins the "designer" jeans era.

Christopher Wagner

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