Boys' Clothing Patterns: Retailers

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There are many sources of patterns for traditional boys' clothing. Many can be easily found through a simple internet search. An epecially good source are companies servicing reenactors. Here the Civil War era is the best covered, but there are also other sources providing patterns for classic boys styles. We will collect some of the better links for interested HBC readers. Please let us know if uou find an especially good source for these patterns.

Honest Tom's Sutlery

This is Honest Tom's On-line catalog and homepage. Because of the way the site is set up, we can not take you directly to the patterns, but you can eaily use the navigation bars at the site to reach a sparate page on boys' clothing patterns. There are patterns for shel/frock coats, a little boys' French blouse and trousers, a boys band collar shirt, and a boys' great coat. The Civil War-era prevayor of patterns are generally for reenactors. Some are called a "sutlery", meaning a kind of general store. In the 19th century a sutler was what later became know as general store or mercantile. These merchants would sell a wide range of merchandize, essentially what ever people in small towns or rural areas might need. Sometimes a sutlery was not even an actual fixed site store. Many were in waggons that were moved about in rural areas, usully setting up in small villages that did not have an established store or even towns. During the Civil War, sutlerys were attached to Union Army units during bthe Civil War. They were licensed by each regiment to supply the men in the regiment with supplies the Army itself did not provide, like "chawing" tobacco. Here are some that offer patterns for boys' clothes. Many bof the on-line companies I found offered actual clothing rather than the

Clik and Sew Martha's Kids

This company offers patterns for different type of pants and trousers in trditional styles. The Boy's Shirts and Pants pattern envelope, part of the new Click and Sew Martha's Kids collection, features traditional pants, knickers or shorts for little boys and an heirloom style shirt. Choices in sleeve and collar designs are included. This is one of three pattern envelopes in the Click and Sew Martha's Kids collection.

Beki's Sewing Patterns

The boys section of this site only includes one Butternick pattern for boys' short or long pants during the 1960s.

Tuesday's Child

This companys offers both a Delineator turn of the century and what looks like a 1940s Butternick style for sailor suits, but they do not seem to be for sale. The posted patterns, however, may prove useful.

Reproduction Fabrics

When sewing historic clothing, it is important to obtain time-appropriate fabrics. This company offers a source of fabric that was used in different eras, neatly organized by each era.

Timeless Stitches

Timeless Stitches is a Civil War sutlery With 19th century patterns and fine handmade period vintage clothing for men, women, and children. There are several interesting items for children. One interesting pattern is the boys Zouave jacket pattern. There are also patterns for boys sack coats. Other patterns include the military and civilian trousers, and basic vest patterns. Timeless Stitches also offers accessories and military reproduction.


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