Belgian Clothing Catalogs: Dme des Halles)

Figure 1.--This fashion catalog was published by a tailor in Belgium for the Winter 1900-1901 season. The tailor was Dme des Hailes, Charleroi. The catalog included clothes for women, men and children's clothes. There were 20 pages. The page on boys' clothes emphasized sailor suits. Click on the image to see the advertiusement to the right.

We have little information on this catalog. The example that we have seen is for Winter 1900-01. It appears to be a Belgian store, perhaps a department store. The name of the store is Dme des Halles. It also has "Charlesleroi" under he name. We wonder if this might be the street address. We know nothing about the store including when it operated, other than we know it was in business at the turn of the 20th century. The catalog offered clothes for men, women, and adults. The page on boys' clothing heavily stressed sailor suits.


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Created: February 17, 2003
Last updated: 6:14 PM 10/26/2014