** publications illustrating childrens clothes: Liberty magazine

News and Feature Magazines: Liberty (United States, 1924-50)

Figure 1.--Leslie Trasher did many covers for 'Liberty' For this 1931 cover he had added a bit of French touch with a red pom. He spent time studying in Paeris and fiought in World War I. The caption was, "I dare you!".

Liberty magazine was an American weekly, general-interest magazine. It wa price along with its competitors at 5cents and styled itelf as A Weekly for Everybody." McCormick-Patterson launched the magazine (1924) and published it for 7 years (1931). The mnagazine proved popular, but not profitable. They reoorted huge losses --$12 million, asubtantial sum in 1920s dollars. They had to sell it during the Depression. Bernarr Macfadden took over the magazine and operated it for 10 years (until 1941). It was regarded as 'the second greatest magazine in America' based on curculatiion, ranking omly behind its primary competitor--The Saturday Evening Post. It was noted for some of the most imprtant politicians, celebrities, authors, and artists of the mid-20th century. The contents provide a wondrful vew of popular culture, politics, and world events during the Roaring 20s, Great Depression, World War II, and early post-War America. It finally ceased publication (1950) with a brief revival (1971). The publishers were strong supporters of President Roosevelt. Many of the nost important leaders of the era, expressed their ideas, including Churchill, Mussolini, Roosevelt, and Stalin. There were also wonderful illustations by some of the most important illustators from the Golden Age of illustrations. Leslie Trasher did many covers. There was also important literary contributions.


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