French Postcards: Accuracy of Depictions

Figure 1.--The images of boys in some French postcards seem rather unrealistic. In this card the boy's hair in particular does not seem realistic. We have not seen family snapshots or portraits of boys this age with comparable haircuts. I can't make out from the logo the company that published this card.

Information on costuming as described above is important in determining just how accurate and therefor useful to HBC these images are. We have used quite a few of them in various HBC pages. These images are staged photographs for commercial sale. HBC is not sure, however, how accurate these images are. Did this boy really wear this suit. Did the photograph the boy in his own suit or did the photogapher or company costume the boys in special clothes for the photograph. For some postcards, the clothes are definyelt not the clothes boys actually wore. In other postcards, like this one, is could well be a boy's actual clothes. While we are somewhat dubious about some of the outfits pictures in these French postcards, the hair styles in many cases seem even more unlikely. Hopefully our French readers will provide some insights here.


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Created: 2:50 PM 11/29/2004
Last updated: 2:50 PM 11/29/2004