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Photographers:The Baker Johnsons (United States, 1940s-70s)

Figure 1.-- This is photograph from in the 1970s. It was taken at a store in Cape May, New Jersey. The boys are looking at some kind of display, but we are not sure just what it was.

Marguerite Baker Johnson and her son Lee Baker Johnson were important photo-journalists with their work being widely published in important newspapers and magazines of the mid-20th century, especially those emphasising photographic images. Marguerite Baker Johnson was born in Brussels Belgium. She was a noted female photographer. While born in Belgium, her career is more associated with with America, capturing American life at mid-cebntury. She was the first woman to take photographs inside the arena at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Her work photos appeared in important American and British newspapers (the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, London Times, Daily Mirror, and others). She alsp provided phoptographs to magazines and other publications (Automotive Periodicals, US Camera Annual, British Photography Yearbook, Popular Photography Annual, and others). Her son Lee'ss work appeared in major magazines (Life Magazine and Fortune Magazine. He also did a lot of advertisement work (1950s and 1960s). Their work thus spans the post-World War II era (1940s through the 1970s). They produced many evocative black and white and color prints caturing a wide range of human activity, often mundane every day life scenes.


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