Action Figures in the Muslim World

Figure 1.--This Kuwait boy is playing with a transformer. He and the other boys and girls also commonly had cuddle toys.

As in the West, boys in the Muslim world do not play with dolls. I am less sure about action figures that Western boys play with. One related toy does seem popular among Muslim boys--the transformer. This has become a major toy type among pre-teen boys in America and Europe. It is a relatively new item, appearing we think in the 1970s. It is a toy I do not understand at all, presumably because my boyhood came well before the 70s. I do not understand the fascination with these transformers. But they have great appeal to pre-teen boys. And this appeal appears to cross cultural divides.


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Created: 3:24 PM 12/3/2007
Last updated: 3:24 PM 12/3/2007