Photograpic Studios: Individual Studios

Figure 1.--Here is Mr. Healey's card telling about his Boston studio in 1861. Click on the image to see one of his portraits.

For the most part we have only images from the photographer's point of view. We have very few images of studios. Some photographers, however, provided some information about their studio and operations. A number incluse interesting details. We will collect what ever information we can find about these studios here. Here the features and practices change over time providing us useful details about photography. We note references to facilities as well as practices such as post-mortom photography and house calls.

C.D. Healey (Boston, 1861)

We notice an ambrotype photographer in Boston who included some infoirmation about his studio in the cased ambros (Figure 1). The portrait was of Ma href="/Photo/photo/type/amb/amb-chron.html">Ralph W. Maxwell. The ambrotype, in gold color framing, after slowly removing picture, the white little letter and green advertisment were found, the white paper reads- (Roallph?) Ralph W. Maxwell August 19th 1861 aged 3 years 1 month". on the green piece looks like a small business card it reads- Ambrotype and Photograph Saloon! C. D. Healey, Artist, from Hale's Daguerreotype and Photograph Rooms, Boston. The studio had a sky and side light. Then goes on with more about Mr. Healey, where he would go out to you home to take photos of someone sick or deceased.

Germon Studio

W. L. Germon operated a photographic studio which he called a gallery at 703 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Like many of city studio, he offered a wide range of services to his clientelle. Many were ways of colorizing the prints, both by tinting and painting over. As it was the 860s, he still oddred Saguerrotype prints as well.


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