Mongoloid Racial Groups: Amerindians--Caucasoid Elements

Figure 1.--Amerindians are primarily a Mongoloid people. From an early point, authors have noted the presence of Cacausoid features that ar not now found in Asian people. DNA researchers have confirmed this scientifuically. This is of interest because it provides important information about the prehistoric people of America. DNA reserarchers have determined that this is a pre-conquest phenomenon. The most likely explanation is that at the time of the Bearing Sea crissing, there was a still an important Caucasoid population in Central Asia.

The issue of Amerindian origins is more complicated than once believed. And the formerly widely accepted assessment of the peopleing of America has been called into question with findings of very early Amerindian sites, uncluding sites in southern Argentina and Chile. Some DNA studies have also complicated the story of the peopling of the Americas. Researchers have detected some Caucasoid elements. This is largely unexplained, but must relates to the Caucasoid populations which at the time of the Bearing Sea crossing dominated Central Asia, an area now dominated by Mongoloid peoples. There are other possibilities. We have also notice claims that Polynesian elements have been detected, but most researchers deny this. Both of these non-East Asian elements are still being assessed, but they do not alter the fact that Native Americans are fundmentally a Mongoloid people. The DNA evidence, however, can offer valuable insights into the process of peopleing the Americas, a process for which there is little or no arhaeological evidence. It is valuable historic encoded in our genetic heritage.


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Created: 10:01 PM 4/24/2018
Last updated: 10:01 PM 4/24/2018