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HBC also has a retail page. Our primary interest in the retail page is companies offering the classic clothing styles for children that HBC and HBC describe and assess. We have decided to create links for other companies which have contacted us. This is primarily to increase HBC's visability. Google and other search engines use the number of links leading to a site to decide how to rank that site in search results. The more links the higher a site ranks. HBC appears quite high in many searches, but is very low in other searches. Readers who have suggestions here are encouraged to contact HBC. The ranking process is quite complicated and we do not fully understanded it. We have created these pages to increase the number of reciprocal links HBC receives. If readers know how to structure these links to make them more effective, just let us know. My undersanding is that Google does not rank links very highly that have huge numbers of links on a page. So we will limit the number of links on each of these pages. There may be other ways of accomplishing this and we will introduce approaches that we learn about.


HBC discusses photography in some detail and relies on photographic images to illustrate our many pages. Thus we will exchange links with companies offering photographic products and servives.

Selected Specialty Clothing Retailers

While HBC and HGC deals with children's clothes, we have developed basic information on the general history and development of a wide variety of garments worn by both children and adults. We thus are listing selected retailers which specialize in a range of garments covered on HBC. These are companies which have exchanged links with HBC.

Toy Retilers

HBC has a an Acrtivities section and part of that section is information on children's toys. We thus have begun to add some actual modern toy retailers to our HBC Retail pages.

Other Products

Other retailers offering a variety of products have exchanged links with HBC. These links are not associated with the HBC subject matter, but are reciprocal links to help raise the HBC profile on the internet.

Industrial Products

We have received requests for reciprocal links from some industrial suppliers. HBC has covered the industrial revolution, but with this exception the links are generally unrelated to the HBC subject matter.


A variety of companies offering servuces have expressed an nterest in reciprocal links. Here are the compnies offering services.


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