Princess Margaret Rose (1930-2002)

Figure 1.--Here is Margaret Rose and Elizabeth with their parents at the Little House "Y Bwthyn Bach" (notice the lintel above the door) which was given to them by the people of Wales. You can see how the girls developed a love of dogs. The photograph looks to have been taken about 1937, just after their father became king.

Princess Margaret Rose was born at Glamis Castle (1930). She was Princess Elibeth's only sister. The two grew up together. There was a 4 years age difference between the two which as children was significant. Princess Elizabeth took on a kind of guiding role with her younger sister. The two grew up in relative anonimity until their unlcle Edward VIII abdicated, afterwards the Family spent a great deal of time at Windsor and were more in the public eye. The two sisters were very different and that difference became apparent at an early age. Princess Elizabeth was always seen as the more more 'responsible' of the two. Princess Rose was much less inhibited, exhibiting a more bubly, outgoing personality. Some used willful and mischievous to describe her, partly true but surely a bit harsh. Princess Margaret was a keen Girl Guide. Because of her age, unlike her older sister she was unable to join the Services. She apparently complained about that. They appeared with their parents and Primeminister Churchill on the famous balcony at Buckingham Palace during the VE Day celebration. Less well known is before those pictures were taken they had been milling with the crows outside and jointing the chant to see the King and Queen. After the War, Princess Margaret had her ups and downs with the British press. Eventually she settled down to participate in the Royal Family's public work. Sge was acrive in welfare work and in the arts. She was patron or president of over 80 different organisations, ranging from charities, especially children's, to dance companies. Her sister forbade her from marrying the love of her life. She eventually married Antony Armstrong-Jones. The marriage did not last. They had two children: Lord Linley (1961) and Lady Sarah Chatto (1964). Princess Margaret died in London (2002).


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