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Figure 1.--Prince Harry is pictured here at about 12 years old. He usually wore a blue blazer or tweed jackets he often wore when dressing up.

Prince Henry (1984- ), commonly known as Harry, is the younger son of Charles as Diana and grandson of Elizabeth II. Harry wore shorts as a younger boy, often being dressed just like his older brother. On occasions the boys would appear in nice outfits including white knee socks and blue Mary Jane sandals. More commonly they appeared in play shorts. He wore a short pants school uniform with ankle socks at his pre-prep school, but longs at his prepschool. Henry is third in line to the throne. This effectively ensures that the House of Windsor (possibly to be re-named Mountbatten-Windsor), will continue a long way into the 21st century. Harry married Hollywood film star Meghan Markle (2918). The British people enbraced her. They became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The couple decided they wanted out of their royal duties (2920). The public was shocked and attituses toward Markle changed oin a dime.


Prince Harry's parents were the Charles and Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, is heir apparent to the throne. The Prince was born at Buckingham Palace on November 14, 1948, and was christened Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor. With the death of King George VI, the accession of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles became heir apparent at the age of 3. The Prince was created Prince of Wales and Earl of chester in 1958 (age: 10).

Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales had two Prince Henry Charles Albert David Windsor on. The Princess had 17 godchildren. In August of 1996 it was announced that The Prince and Princess of Wales were to be divorced. The senceless, shocking death of Diana, Princess of Wales occurred on Sunday, August 31, 1997 following a car chase in Paris, France. She tragically was not wearing her seatbelt. The Princess underwent two hours of emergency surgery before being declared dead at 03:00 BST. In addition Mr. Dodi Fayed and the driver of the vehicle died in the accident while a bodyguard was seriously injured.


Prince Harry has one sibling, his older brother Prince william--heir to the British throne. William was apparently quite a challenge as a younger boy, once apparently dangling Harry from a window in Buckingham Palace. Things improved with a new governess was hired. The boys were reportedly very close. I am not sure how thete relationship has developed now that they are young adults.


Harry wore short pants as a younger boy, often being dressed just like his older brother. Princess Dianna seemns to have liked to dress them identically. On occasions the boys would appear in dressy outfits including white knee socks and Mary Jane strap shoes. We note that some of them were blue. More commonly they they appeared in play shorts. Princess Diana seems to have preferred bright colored clothes for them. Both Harry and William wore a short pants school uniform with ankle socks at their pre-prep school, but long trousers at their preparatory school. Unlike past generation of British royals, Prince Hrry and his brother did not wear kilts. I have not noted either of them as younger boys wearing kilts and as older boys they reprtedly objected to wearing them. They prefferd casual clothes like jeans. Dressing up as older boys both Harry and william normally wore blazers or tweed jackets with grey trousers.


Prince Henry Charles Albert David Windsor was born on September 15, 1984 at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington. He was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury in December 1984 in St. Geroge's Chapel, Windsor. Both William and Harry, very important young royals, have been given a pioneering childhood considering their status. They have been kept close to their parents on most occasions and Charles is not too shy to show his affection for them in public, previously not a common trait of high-profile royals. This all marks a change in the approach of a monarchy adapting to new social conditions and expectations. Prince Harry has yet to be confirmed like his brother. Unlike his older brother, Prince William, Prince Henry has yet to make undertake any solo public apperances. Harry likes junk food, especially chocolate. His favorite drink is coke. Apparently no tea for Prince Harry. Has been known to favor large quantities of junk food - although he may have outgrown this stage of his life.Harry is reportedly bold on the ski slopes, fearless on horseback, a terror on the Go-Cart track and a wicked mimic of his peers. He has a love of botany and enjoys studying flowers. A commentator once described the energentic prince, "That Prince Henry sure likes to get in a tussle." Harry also is a big fan of computer games. His dislikes understandably include the press, but also school and reading books. He would rather be outdoors. He has a winning, outgoing personality. He seems much more adept at handling the press than his older brother. He doesn't show massive amounts of stress when facing the press, a limited ego in Henry's case has served him well.

Figure 2.--Dianne sometimes dressed Princes and William and Harry in traditional outfits until they started their prep school.


Prince Harry first attended 987 - 1989 Mrs. Mynor's Nursery school in West London (1987-89). He then went to Wetherby School in Kensington, London (1989-92). His preparatory school was Ludgrove School in Wokingham (1992-97). From the beginning, Harry showed little interest vin school. Henry repeated his last year at Ludgrove, failing all of his subjects except sports, at which he excelled. Harry entered Eton College in 1998. One Web site wrote, "Congradulations to Henry who pulled himself together and joined his brother by earning his spot at the College!" [HBC note: The British use the terrm "coolege" to desscribe a private highschool.] Harry did not destinguish himself academically at Eton. Harry finished Eton in 2003. He did not do very well in his A-levels. These are tests secondary students take in their final year of secondary school to assess their achievement. They can choose their best subjects. He earned a B in art and a D in geography--not very good. Plans are for him to go to a military academy, presumably Sandhurst rather than university.


Prince Harry gets so much mail that two secretaries have been assigned to handle it on a regular basis. Apparently, teenage girls write to him, sending photographs of themselves and asking for dates!

William and Harry

As older teenagers, the two princes find themselves faced with the same tests -- from dating discreetly to learning the how to be adult royals. Always close as boys, Princes William and Harry have forged an even tighter bond as young adults. As the boys have gotten older, the age difference that seapareted at school is disappearing. Peter Archer, Britain's Press Association royals reporters writes, "Asthey get older, the age difference diminishes and they get closer. They genuinely enjoy each other's compamy." [People, August 13, 2001.]

Youthful Problems

Prince Harry as a young man has encountered some problems. He has a very effective pick-up line, "Let's go back to the palce. He dresses like any other rich young man. A portrait of Harry shows him dressed like a typical middle-class teenager with an open polo shirt (purple with red collar) and a dark tee shirt underneath. Notice the touseled hair (another teen fad) and the reluctant smile for the cameraman. Prince Harry is known to detest photographers who have recently caught him at some unflattering moments. He was recently seen at a costume party dressed as a NAZI (with a swastika arm band), which caused a popular uproar all over the world. One wonders just what he learned at Eton. The outfit did not reflect any sympathies with the NAZIs, but did suggest both a lack of judgement anf full appreciation for wjhat the NAZIs did. Prince William was at the same party. Here we are not sure whether his falure to step in shows a similar lack of judgement or a lack of communication between the two brothers. Prince Harry was also recently photographed coming out of a London nightclub, somewhat inebriated, where he punched a photographer for daring to take his picture. He apparently prefers very informal, almost grunge-style, clothes like many other boys of his generation. In the present photograph he is about 19. He graduated from Eton and is preparing to enter Sandhurst as a cadet, the British equivalent of West Point.


Henry was is third in line to the throne. This changed with Prince William began having children. This effectively ensures that the House of Windsor (possibly to be re-named Mountbatten-Windsor), will continue a long way into the 21st century.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle (2918). Harry's bride was Meghan Markle, an American Hollywood starlet. The pageboys wore uniforms by Dege & Skinner that resembled the uniform of the Blues and Royals worn by the groom and best man. Each page boy had his initials on the shoulders in place of rank badges Queen Elizabeth II, conferred upon him the titles of Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton, and Baron Kilkeel. Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Dumbarton, and Baroness Kilkeel. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, officiated at the wedding ceremony. It was the standard Anglican church (Church of England) service for Holy Matrimony published in Common Worship, the liturgical text of the Church of England. The traditional ceremony was noted for the inclusion of African American culture. The Kingdom Choir, a gospel group led by Karen Gibson, sang "Stand By Me". The wedding was widely reported as being significant for its departure from tradition typically associated with the royal family and for its inclusion of African-American culture in the service. The British people by all accounts initially took Markle to their hearts.

The Sussex Affair

Markle by all accounts became unhappy, not with Harry, but with royal obligations for which she received no compensation. She deckined many requests for charity apopearances and made far fewer such appearances than any other senior member of the family. As aresult the Sussexes asked for a soeciaal status allowing them to engafge in activities allowing them to make money. The Queen denied this request. And the Sussexes decided to go their own way. Immediately the mainstream media began screaming RACISM. A British reader tells us, "The mainstream media is inaccurate. It has nothing to do with racism. We could not care about this at all The Royal family have much contact with other races. No one I know raised this issue but rather see Markle an opinionated publicity seeker who has the skill to divide families. She divided her own family and appears to have done the same with Harry and his family. From the start of the media reported a rift between William's wife and Markle. She seemed to be jealous of what ever they did and she had to do one better. It was disgusting when she had everything, wealth a title and a fine home. It is also total nonsense to cry that the media gives the Sussex's no peace. She is an actress and would, I think, be well used to media and how to deal with it. She did not make herself liked by not saying who her child's god parents where. Not that it is important but it was found a strange action. The government provided funds to renovate the home she was to live in. At her royal duties she also surprised us by holding hands with Harry. Iit was her winging and non attendance at family events that made her disliked. She did not wish to give up her film work and was fustrated by unpaid appearances. On her return to Canada she made a bee line for the studio lights. If she and Harry do not wish to have a royal role and want to make their own way and be independent of the public purse then that's ok. it will save a bob or two. I think the Sussex's have to repay the government funding that paid for the house refurbishment. it is up to Prince Charles if he wishes to give his son an allowance to tide him over. Many hold the view that they can pay for their own security in both Britain and Canada. As you say she was first there atb a function when there was a salary coming her way. They thought they could make money with the Brand Sussex Royal but it seems to have hit problems. The Queen has gone all the way and stripped them of all their royal duties in Britain and the Commonwealth. Other members of the Royal Family that have given up the role to be with the one they love. They are the 21st century royals to with draw from their royal duties. We wish them well and hope they are successful in their desire to make a go of a life outside the family firm. "


People, August 13, 2001


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