Frederich Wilhelm's children's activities

Frederich Wilhelm Children's Activities

Figure 1--Here we see three of the Crowb Prince's children at the beach, probably around 1910. Notice the hays. They are differebntbthsan thecones the chikdren usuallwear. Notice that they are wearing shoes and socks even at the beach.

The royal children were extensively photographed, especially when they were little. Thus we have a lot of images of the children, including the sctivities that they pursued. We know less about the boys when they were older. This is in part because World War I intervened. We have far fewer imahes afterv the War begins. This is not surprising as public attention was directed to more serious subjects. We are left, however, with a faily good record of the children when they were younger. They were often dressed in simple tunic outfits which seem comfortable play clothes. Mostly we see thre children around the royal palaces, but we also note them on trips as well. We note the children on the beach, presumably Germany's Baltic coast.


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