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German Royalty: Wilhelm II's Children

Kaiser Wilhelm's children
Figure 1.--Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Kaiserina is seen here in 1896 with their seven children. The six boys wear a variety of outfits, including military uniforms, white knee pants sailor suits and the youngest boy wearing a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit.

Kaiser Wilhelm II's immediate family consisted of seven children, including six sons, but only one daughter. Many photographs exist of the family. HBC has so far been able to find very little information about the individual children. Even infornmation on Crown Prince Frederick Wilhelm. There is probably a good bit of information available in German-language sources. HBC has, however, been able to find very little available in English sources. We would be very interesrted in any information that our German readers could offer. Some fought in World War I. The family followed their father into exile after World War I, but many eventually returned to Germany. They apparently thought that the NAZIs would restore the monarchy.

Frederick Wilhelm Hohenzollern (1882-1951)

Frederich Wilhelm was Wilhelm's oldest son. The 6-year old Prince officially became the Crown Prince in 1888 when his father assumed the throne in 1888. The Prince remembered carefree days at the Marmorpalais. The family during the summer lived at the New Palais in Potsdam and in winter he was with the family at the big Palace in Berlin. His relationship with his father became more formal after he became Kaiser. At age 10, Prince Wilhelm received the rank of Lieutenant of the First Infantry Regiment, inaccordance with tradition. He served in World War I and accompanied his father into exile. He eventually returned to Germany and eventually joined the NAZI Party and served in World War II. Wilhelm served in a motor division during World War II and was captured by the French.

Eitel-Frederick Hohenzollern (1883-1942)

As the second son, Eitel Frederick became Crown Prince of Prussia. He married Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg (1879-1964) in 1906. Her seved in the 1st Foot Guards Regiment during World War I. Soldiers from his unit in plain clothes, escorted his mother to saftey in the Netherlands in the afternmath of the War. He obtained a divorce in 1926. Like his older brother, he had far right political inclinatiins and hoped to restore the monary. He joined a far-right veterans group the Stanlhelm (Steel Helmets). Hitler after seixing power at first tried to integrate the Stanlhelm into the SA, but then abruptly disbanded it because of the monarchist sympathies of many members. Prince Eitel-Frederick died during World War II (1942), but we do not have details on the circumstances.

Adalbert Hohenzollern (1884-1948)

Prince Adalbert was born in Marmorpalais, the Marble Palace north of Berlin in Potsdam (1884). He married Princess Adelaide 'Adi' of Saxe-Meiningen (1891-1971) just as World War I broke out in Wilhelmshaven (August 1914). Like his brothers he served in World War I. He had various regimental commands. He served aboard ship as a naval officer, a lieutenant colonel aboard a battleship. We have been unable to find much information about them the Prince and Princess. They had three children: Princess Victoria Marina (1915), Princess Victoria Marina of Prussia (1917�81). Prince Wilhem Victor (1919�89). The children weere raised in Switzerland, but we are not sure what schools they attended. After the War, he largely disassociated himself from his family and Germany. He took the name of the Count of Lingen and lived quitely on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Some of his siblings were plitically active during the inter-War era, but Count Lingen was not. As far as we can tell he largely disappeared from history. His son married in Germany during World War II (1944). We are not sure if the Count returned to Germany for this or other occassions. He died in Switzerland after the War (1948).

Augustus Wilhelm Hohenzollern (1887-1949)

We have developed some information August William. He married Alexandra of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1887-1957) in 1908. They divorced in 1920 after World War I. After the War he joined a far-right veterans group known as the Stanlhelm. August Wilhelm, was an early an esthusiastic supporter of the NAZIs. He also served in World War II. Several photographs are available of his son Aleander Ferdinand.

Oscar Charles Gutav Adolf Hohenzollern (1888-1958/73)

Oscar Charles Gutav Adolf Hohenzollern (1888-1973) was a son of Kaiser Wilhelm II. August Wilhelm, Prince of Prussia, was born July 27, 1888 at Marmorpalis, Potsdam. He was the fifth son of Wilhelm II, German Emperor, (1859-1941). HBC has little information on Oscar Charles's childhood. While there are a lot of photographs showing how the Kaiser's grandchildren, including August Wilhelm, were dressed. He was given the title of Prince of Prussia. Prince Oskar morganatically married Countess Ina-Marie von Bassewitz (1888-1973). She was created Countess of Ruppin. She was the daughter of Count Karl von Bassewitz-Levetzow and Countess Margarete von der Schulenburg. They were married in both religious and civil ceremonies on July 31, 1914 at Schloss Bellevue, near Berlin. This was a fatefull year for German royalty and the wedding took place just days before World War I began. He commanded combat units on both the Western and Eastern fronts. He had four sons. After the War he joined a far-right veterans group the Stanlhelm. He also became an early supporter of the NAZIs. He had both right-wing views and hoped that they might restore the monrchy. He came to realize even before Hitler launched the War that this was a mistake. His eldesrt son Oskar was killed in Poland at the onset of the war (September 1939). He and many other family members became anti-NAZIs.

Joachim Francis Humbert Hohenzollern (1890-1920)

Joachim held the title Prince of Prussia. He was apparently not as strong as the other boys and his mother worried about him. Joachim appears to have been an impatient boy. When Victoria Louise took up photography a Miss Topham helped her take and develop them. When Joachim expressed an interest, she offered to help him as well. Unfortunately he was so impatient while developing his photographs that he knocked over a kersene lamp. Miss Topham managed to catch it in time, but received a painful burn. The Prince served in World War I as a calvary officer. He was woulded in the battle in te Masurian Lake District of East Prussia. He mairred Marie of Anhalt in 1916. After the Armistace in 1918, Joachim visited his father at Doorn. It was not a happy reunion. The former Kaiser was unhappy with his sons' behavior, including Joachim's gambling. Joachim eventually returned to Germany. He found it difficult adjusting to his reduced circumstances. His wife left him. He shot himself in 1920 at a hunting lodge near Potsdam.

Victoria Louise Hohenzollern (1892-1980)

Victoria Louise was the Kaiser's youngest child and only daughter. Wilhelm was apparently pleased to have a daughter after six boys. He doted on her and let her get away with behavior that his boys were never allowed. As a child she is seen in white dresses with her brothers--even when they are in their military school uniforms. As a yong woman she was photographed in a unform herself. She mairred Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-L�neburg (1887-1953) in 1913.


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