Archduke Otto: Garments

Figure 1.--This picture looks to have been taken about 1915. Shown are the Archduke Charles and his entire family at the time. Otto is shown with his sister and baby brother, Robert. Otto, who was probably about 3 years old, is still wearing dresses.

Prince Otto was to be the heir to the Hapsburg throne. The children were very smartly dressed in many formal and informal photographs. Otto is pictured in a variety of outfits. As a small boy he wore dresses. A family portrait taken when he was about 3 years old shows him wearing a dress. He also wore a dress for the emperor's funeral in 1916 when he was about 4 years old. As an older boy we note him wearing tunics and sailor suits as well as a variety of informal short pants outfits.

Sailor Headwear

Available images show the children in sailor hats and not the more informal sailor caps. Wise-brimmed ailor hats appears to have been the most common headgear. They were worn both turned up and turned down. We also note him wearing sailor caps. He often wore sailor headwear with sailor suits, but not akways. We also note him weating sailor headwear with other outfits.

Skirted Garments

We see Prince Otto wearing a vriety of skirted outfits. It is difficult to tell much about the garments in the available outfits. Somelook to be dresses, but he may have also worn tunics as well. We have no information on these garments other than what can be gleaned by assessing the available portraits and other photographs. They seem to be mostly white garments.

Sailor Suits

We note Prince Otto wearing a variety of sailor styled outfits. As a younger boy he wore fancy tunics with sailor styling. As a somewhay older boy he wore more traditional sailor suits ith both long and short pants.

Short Pants

By about 5 years of age, probably in 1917, Otto began to wear short pants, usually with white ankel socks. Despite beginning to wear knee pants, his mother did not have his curly hair cut until much later. In one photograph he wears a white suit with short pants and a very long blouse with a fancy ruffled collar, white socks and shoes and a straw hat with a ribbon band (figure 5). I don't believe American or British boys wore such long blouses. Their blouses either tucked into or buttoned on to the pants.


As younger chilfren they appeared to have worn boot like shoes. Latter they commonly wore strap shoes, although I do not know what color.


All the available images show the children wearing white socks. The pictures I have all show the children in short white socks. They do not appear to have been dressed in kneesocks.


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