Seychelles Schools

Figure 1.-- Here we see well-dressed Seychelles students and teachers listening to a civics address in fornt of their school, we think in 2012.

The Seychelles were unihabited when discovered by the Portuguese (1502). And there was no formal settlement until the 19th century. Catholic and Anglican churches opened mission schools (1851). France claimed the islands (1756). Britain seized them during the Napoleonic Wars. Missions throughout offered the only schools. The British colonial government first assumed responsibility for education (1944). The Catholic mission operated boys' and girls' secondary schools using foreign Brothers and nuns. The Government opened a teacher training college (1959). This substantially inceased the number of locall teachers and enabled the Government to open new schools. The Government after independence established a system of free education (1981). Most children (some 90 percent) attend an optional nursery school at age 4 years. All children are required to begin school at age 5 years. So years and complete a 9 year program. The expansion of the school system greatly increased literacy rates, whch among the school-age population reached 90 percent (late-1980s). Many older Seychellois did not attend school and thus literacy rates were very low. Adult literacy classes have risen adult literacy levels. A recent inventory reports 23 crèches, 25 primary schools, and 13 secondary schools. Schools are located on Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette. Seychelles also has three private schools: École Française, International School, and the Independent school, all located on Mahé. The International School also has a branch on Praslin. There are seven post secondary scgools, but not yet a university. Economic prosperity in recent years has ebnabled the Government to increase spendong on education.


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