Uganda: Education

Figure 1.-- This photo was taken in a village near Jinja, Uganda. It shows a group of schoolboys about 2005. . They are wearing an uniform of blue short pants and orange shirt. The shirt pocket has the school logo. The school promotes the uniform, but is flexible about it. One boy doesn't wear the school shirt, but wears an orange t-shirt.

Uganda is a former British colony in East Africa. At independence the country was relatively prosperous. That prosperity was shattered by Idi Amin's dictatorship and friving out the South Asians who plyed an important role in the Ugandan economy. The Ugandan economy has never recovered. The country today is racked by rural violence, especially that of the Lord's Resistance Army. These problems have impaired the country's ability to fund a public school system. The education system is set up on an English model, although we have little information at this time. Many schools have basic uniforms, odten including brightly colored shirts. We invite readers in Uganda to provide information on their schools.



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