English School Uniform Garments: Individual School Crests

Figure 1.--The Clare House School crest was in the form of a patch ocket sewn on the blazer. Click on the image to see one of the boys in the 1960s wearing the blazer and creast.

Several HBC readers recall the crests on their school blazers with some affection. Other readers have sent along especially interesting crests. We will post some of these crests here.

Clare House School

Here is a picture of the pocket crest for Clare House School (figure). It is an English preparatory school located in Beckenham, Kent, near London. They have chosen a very English motif for the school. It features Saint George, the patron saint of England, slaying the dragon. It was hand-stitched. Rather than a detached creast, it was a sewn directly on a patch pocket which was sewn on the blazer. The boys wore a smaller version on their caps.

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Created: November 22, 2003
Last updated: November 22, 2003