English School Uniform: Individual School--Farnworth Grammar School (1930s)

Figure 1.--The Farnworth Grammar School in the 1930s seems to have had a strict dress code. This is a portrait of the Lower IVa form in 1933-34.

The school in the 1930s seems to have had a strict dress code. A portrait of the Lower IV in 1933-34 shows almost all of the students smartly outfitted in the school uniform. The portrait shows the girls wearing colored dressed with larger white collars in various sizes and shapes. I'm not sure what color the dresses were. The color looks mostly uniform in the photograph here, but there are a lot of differences in the design. The school color appears to have been blue, thus a light-blue is a likely guess. Notice the one girl wearing a dark gym frock with a tie. This girls seem to have had a seasonal uniform, alternating between dresses and gym frocks. The school appears to have required long dark stockings for the girls. The boys wear dark blazers, some with piping. Most of the boys have white shirts with open collars. A few boys wear ties. The school prospectus in 1935 described provided the following instructions about the uniform, "Boys are required to wear a school cap and badge; gym vest, shorts and rubber-soled shoes for Physical Training, and leather-soled slippers during ordinary school. Girls are required to wear a school hat, hat band and badge; navy blue coat or dchool blazer; white blouse and navy blue tunic; gym shoes for Physical Training; leather-soled slippers for ordinary school." The requirements seem rather minimalistic. I think there was also a school blazer to match the cap, but apprentlyh is was not required.


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