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School Uniform: Individual French Schools

Figure 1.--All the children in this French nursery school class photographed in 1899 wear smocks, both boys and girls. The styles vary slightly, but there does not appear to be any difference between the styles worn by the boys and girls.

HBC is attempting to assess French schoolwear trends. We have assembled a good deal of information on different types of garments, but an accurate assessment of trends over time and conventions remains elusive. Thus HBC is assembling images of invidual schools. One a number of schools have been assesmbled it will enable us to better understand trends over time and accepted conventions. Unfortunately often little information is available on the schools pictured in many available images. HBC will do its best to assess these images. Hopefully our French consultants will be able to add additional details. There are differet ways in which these schools can be accessed.

Chronological List

Here we list the French schools chronologically. This allows you to view changing schoolwear styles over time as for many schools we have but one photograph. We have begun, however, to collect information and images on quite a few different schools.

School Name List

Here we list the schools by name for those images that are identified. Many of these French school images, however, are unidentified. So we have few listings by school name. We even have a few schools with images from several decades, but are yet to learn the name of the school. One of these schools appeas to be a Catholic school. Hopefully our French readers will help us identify some of these schools.

School Type List

Here we list the French schools by type of school. There are a niumber of different types iof schools. This means both the level (primary/secondary) of the school and foundation (private/state). Most of the private schools were Catholic schools. Some of the private Catholic schools werr boarding schools.

Geographic Locator

We have found information on schools in French villages and towns, but often can not locate them. The tool here may be useful for readers interesting in locating the schools listed here.

Personal Experiences

The 1890s: A lycee

The 1960s: Catholic boarding school

The 1950s-60s: A state elementary school and Catholic secondary day school


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Created: October 30, 1998
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