German Youth Social/Rest/Cultural Experiences: Chronology

Figure 1.--Here we see a group of German boys, probably in the nid-1920s. It appears to be a summer vacation group. They are probably staying in the house behind them. This is smaller group than others we have seen, perhaps related to the available accmodations. Notice the man in the background looking after them. He probably was a teacher. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

We are not yet sure about the chronology of these group experiences. There were different types and the chronology differs for the various types of these group experiences. We think they were primarily a development after World War I. We do not know why the idea that such trips would be beneficial developed at this tome. It does not seem to have been an idea that was prevalent in the rest of Europe. Perhaps because pf the difficult economic situation, it was to provide children of modest meanns a summer experience in healthy environment. We see many photographs of German children, probanly mostly school groups, in the country side during the 1920s and 30s. We are not sure what happened during World War II. And we note groups after the War in the 1950s. We are not sure, however, if these are school field trips are children at Schullandheim. We know these group experiences were very common after World War II, but we are not sure just when this tradition began in Germany. Nor do we know much about the current status.


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