NAZI School Experiences: Stefan

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Here are my comments on NAZI education. First of all I was not conscious that I have been indoctrinated by the NAZIs. May be I was too young and lived in a smaller town (Hameln, in those days 40 000 inhabitants). I never wore the uniform to school. But since the shorts were of very general and usefull style (many pockets), a few did at times. Anyway it was not compulsory to wear uniform at school. I have a very weak remembrance that older boys wore their uniform for special occasions in school.

2. I donīt remember.

I was not so much conscious that there was something like the party (NSDAP), and the word, NAZI, was not known to us. Commitment, yes, because it was our service, our duty to go to the weekly meetings (service, "Dienst"), I believe on Wendsday afternoon. At any other meeting, we, too, wore the uniform--if we had one. Towards the end of the war, the pieces were often not available and some wore civilian clothes. I felt no commitment to the party. This is a wide field, and I do not remember all facts.

4. I think so, I had a certain weak remembrance when I read your question.

Concerning what HBC has written under "Approach" in the NAZI education section, at least I was not very much NAZI-indoctrinated by the teachings. After the war it took not very long to drop what I had heard before.

During World War II, many teachers were quite old, older than 65, and had been soldiers (officers) during World War I, this was the main thing they expressed in this context, but no or little connection with the party.

6. In general yes, but during the war many men were soldiers.

I donīt remember racial instructions, only after the war when we were informed about them. I remember little about what was said to us in school concerning racial concepts. They did not touch me.

8. I donīt remember, and I donīt believe. I was too young, perhaps, to get such instructions and comments taught.

I was not great in discussion. I do not remember if discussion of historical topics was permitted in class or if we just listened to the teacher.

I remember more the Hitler Youth. In fact there existed two boys organisations. The one for boys from 10 to 14 years of age called "Deutsche Jugend" (DJ). The DJ boys were called "Pimpf", an old word meaning "little boy" or so. The other organization for for older boys was called the "Hitler Jugend" (HJ). I was in the junior division the Dutche Jugend (DJ). Some events in the DJ were of much interest to me as a boy. I especially enjoyed the games we played outdoor, such as camping in the forest and playing war like Red Indians or so. For me the great time was yet to come when I grew older and could participate in the activities of the older divison, the Hitler Jugend (HJ). I was especially interested in boating, but his never happened.

As I wrote earlier, school uniforms were and are not common in Germany. I had one when I was 15 to 19 (1948-1952) and lived in a private boarding school (Hermann Lietz School): I think it was grey pants and dark blazer.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: July 30, 2002
Last updated: July 30, 2002