German Military Styled Peaked School Caps: Ages

Figure 1.--This German boy wears an army-styled peaked cap. He is just beginning school and thus 6 years old. The portrait would have been taken during the 1910s.

We see boys of all ages wearing these school caps. The photographic record shows that these caps were very commonly worn by boys of all ages. We see very young boys just beginning school wearing these caps as well as older boys in secondary school. I think with younger boys they were just wearing it as a style of school headwear rather than a required school cap. There are numerous images archived on HBC showing German school boys wearing these caps. They seemed especially common with the older boys in secondary children. A good example is a group of secondary school boys in 1926. Notice that usually younger boys wear the caps mostly in individual portraits. We see groups of older boys wearing the caps. This means it was style set and even required by the school.


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