German Military Styled Peaked School Caps: Outfits

Figure 1.--This boy wears a classic school cap. In this case he presumazbly wore is as a popular school style, not because the school required it. He wears it with a sailor suit, a popular school style for Gedrman boys. The photographer was A. Schmoll in Berlin.

We see numerous portraits abd snapshots of German boys wearing these military-stle caps with school clothes. Younger boys wore these peaked military-tyle caps with a wide variety of outfits. Sailor suits were very popular, boy were just one of the many styles of outfits worn. The caps for these younger boys were just a popular style, not a cap the school required a boy to wear. As a result the cap had no real relastionship to the outfit the boys wore. The cap was more of an army style while many of the boys wore sailor suits. The resulting look is destinctively German, although some Scandinavian boys seem to also worn similsr caps and outfits. Older boys attending secondaty schools commonly wore them with suits. And in this case they were specufic caps designated by the scholls for the boys to wear. German boys did not wear school uniforms, but these caps served as a kind of school uniform at specific schools, mostly secondary schools.


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