German Military Styled Peaked School Caps: School Rules

Figure 1.--Here we see two brthers. They presunably wet to the same primary school. A German reader tells us, "I don't think that these caps are part of a special school. That are simply school-style-like caps and they can look different. These boys do not look well-to-do enough to be students of a special school with a special cap. Special school caps were something for secondary school in Germany . These boys are too young for that." I'm not sure about the date, but would guess it was taken in the 1910s. Note the badge on the little boy's cap.

Some schools, but not all seem to have had rules about these caps. These military styled caps were such a standard style that they were worn even when not required by a school. This was the case especially at primary schools. So we see boys wearing caps with stylistic and color differences. Thus at these schools the military peaked cap was just a popular cap styles rather than a uniform cap required by schools. German boys have not worn uniforms like boys in England. Some schools, however, required boys to wear caps as early as the 1880s, probably earlier. Bavaria's (Mad) King Ludwig in 1880 founded a second classical school of higher education ("Gymnasium") in and named the the "Royal New Gymnasium". Boys there wore these caps. We think that it was mostly in secondary schools that these caps were required. We see many secondary schools with boys wearing these caps. There were differences at the same schools with boys in different grades (forms/years) wearung different colored bands. I'm not sure how strict the rules ere about boys wearing these caps. We think many boys wore them because they were proud of their school. Some schools may have insisted. ther schools appear to have been less strict. The rules seemed to hsave varied from school to school and over time. They were no longer required after World War II.


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