German Schoolwear: Sailor Suits--Ages

Figure 1.--These boys were from Mylau i/V. The CDV portrait was taken by Paul Fischer. It was the younger boy's first day of school portrait. (Notice the gift cone.) His oldr brother jouned him in the portrait. They wear identical sailor outfits. The boys wiyld be avout 6-9 years old.

We note German boys of all age except older teenagers commonly wearing sailor suits to school. We see pre-school boys wearing sailor suits, but we notice school-age boys wearing them most commonly. Many boys began eraring sailot suits from their first day of school. Many boys, but not all, wore sailor suits for their first day of school. They were particulary common with younger boys which is why we see so many first day portraits. Class portaits generally show some of the children at various age levels wearing sailor suits. They were very commom in primary schools and even the early secondaty years. We see many boys over a wide age range wearing them. We eveen note younger teenagers commonly wearing them to about age 14 years. Age trends, however, varied over time in part with the popularity of the sailor suit and varying conventions as to age appropriateness..


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