German Schoolwear:  Tunics/Kittelanzug

Figure 1.--Here we see a German boy in his school outfir, a tunic suit with knee pants. Note the tunic is short, mych shorter than the tunics worn by American boys. It is cut at about jacket length.

We do not hve a great deal of informtion about German tunics worn to school yet. We believe, however, that the tunic was a common school garment in the early- and mid-19th century, although we cannot yet confirm this and it may be difficult because of the limited number of photograohic images. We think the popularity of tunics may have declined in the late-19th century. During this period there is a wealth of photographs, although our archive is still limited. We have acquired many more 20th century images. We are not sure what age boys wore tunics in the 19th century. As far as we can tell, the tunic was a boys' garment. We do not see girls wearing them. And we do see boys wearing tunics in the early-20th century. The ones we have found are rather short cut tunics, more jacket length than the knee-length tunics we see American boys wearing at the same time. A good example is Ferdinand Hahnzhog about 1900-05. Many of the photographs are undated, but we think this was more common in the 1900s than the 1910s and we no longer see tunics being worn after World War I (1914-18). By the 1900s the tunic was only being worn by younger primary childten. Thdey were commonly worn with matching knee pants. We still see some boys wearing tunics to school in the early 20s, but they were not very common by the end of the decade.


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