Argentine School Uniform: First Communion--Chronology

Figure 1.--This private school used the school uniform for First Communion in this 1959 portrait. Notethat their blazers do not have lapels, rather like Eton jackets. This whole class appears to be doing their First Communion. Notice the white gloves and the Peter Pan collars.

We have virtually no chronolgical information at this time. We do have this dated portrait. It was taken in 1959. The children wear their school uniform with Peter Pan collsrs, this may not have been the normal shirts worn at the school. They also wear white gloves which were probably worn just for First Communion or other very special events. The boys also wear English-style peaked caps. This had nothing to do with First Communion, but was part of the normal school uniform. We at first thought the school might be Italian. The script is, however, written in Spanish. Here we think the most likely country is Argentina.


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Created: June 1, 2004
Last updated: 6:31 AM 8/15/2008