Italian School Uniform Garments: Footwear--Sandals

Figure 1.--This school portrait was taken in Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples, The boys wear both types of sandals, closed- and open-toe without socks. Notice only one boy wore a smock. Put your cursor on the image to see the rest of the class.

We notice many Italian children wearing sandals to school. In fact we see a wide range of footwear, including diffent kinds of shoes. Many children came to school barefoot as well. Sandals were commonly worn by Italian boys and as there were no uniforms, the sandals at school were largely a relection of the footwear woirn at home. We notice different kinds of sandals. There was no one style as in England that were particulsarly common. We notice both closed and open toe types. There were several different styles of both. In public primary schools there were no uniforms, unless smocks were considered a uniform. But there were no rules about no rules about footwear. So it was up to the family. Family convetions also generally determined wether or not socks were worn with sandals. Private schools might have rules, but they were often not strict. We note the children wearing sandals both with and without socks. Both boys and girls wore sandals. Many styles were worn by both boys and girls.


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