Italian Schoolwear: Gender Differences--Traditional Folkwear

Figure 1.--The photo was taken in early 20th century in Desulo, a village in the mountains of central Sardinia. These schoolgirls are showing off their exercise-books. Many Italian children at the time were wearing smocks. The girls are wearing the traditional Sardinian costume. At the time, women and girls wore traditional costumes in everyday life in little, isolated Sardinian villages like Desulo. They were poor children who went to school wearing their usual clothing. Probably they wore shoes only in wintertime, if they owned a pair. It is possible that exercise-books were given to the children by the school.

Girls and women in some rural villages wore the traditional costumes. This continued unto the early-20th century. By this time you mostly see the traditional clothes being worn in isolated cilliages on Sicily and Sardinia. I think this was more common for the girls than the boys. This was mostly at poor villages in which the peopke were mostly very poor. The traditional clothong was yheir normal clothing. Probably they wore shoes only in wintertime, if they even owned a pair. The trafitional garments often were so similr that they looked like uniforms. Today these outfits are only worn only during folk and village festivals.


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