School Uniform: Italian School Types--State Secondary Schools

Figure 1.--This is one of the first years class of the Liceo Foscarini in Venice during 1949. We are not sure what the difference is between a liceo and gunacio. The boys would have been about 12 years old.

Until after World War II only students from affluent families or the most capable went on to secondary schools. Indeed the boys seen here in this 1935 all seem smartly dressed (figure 1). Perhaps influenced by the era of Austrian control, we find secondary schools called Ginasios. We believe that these are state secondary schools. We also note schools called liceos. We are not sure what the difference was betweem ginasios and liceos. Notably schoolss in France were also called liceops, but the meaning has varied over time. We are not sure what Italian secondary schools are currently called.


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Created: February 27, 2004
Last updated: February 27, 2004