New Zealand School Uniform Footwear: Seasonality

Figure 1.--These prep school boys wear the schools's summer unifiorm including a light-weigh short sleeve shirt and grey cotton short pants. They also wear Roman sandals without socks. These cotton shorts abnd Roman sandals were very common summer garments at NewcZealand schools. Many schools had grey cotton shirts to match the shorts.

Many but not all of the schools with unifirms make seasonal adjustments for the students' comfort. Many primary schools do not have uniforms although this has begun to change somewhat. We see the greatest variety of footwear at the primary schools and this varies seaonally. We see many primary children coming to school barefoot ot with flip flops during the warmer months. The Catholic schools and the private schools or exceptions and usually have uniforms. Most secondary schools do have uniforms. And many make seaonal changes. This is especially true on South island. Footwear is one of the uniform items affected by the seasonal changes. Most schools require black lace-up shoes with knee socks during the cooler months as do private schools and Catholic schools. The shoes worn very a good deal. Many boys wear inexoensive shoes with thick rubber soles. Girls often wear strap shoes or sandals, these are commonly briwn. Others wear kace up shoes like the boys. This varies in part because of school rules. Roman sandals without hosiery are worn by both boys abnd girls during the summer terms. These rules vary from school to school. Not all schools have the children wear sandals, but many do. The Roman sandals are very common in the summer term, especially but not exclisively on North Island. Both boys and girls wear them. They go along with changes in shirts and pants, but the blazwers do not change.


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