New Zealand School Uniform Footwear: School Types

Figure 1.-- Here we see New Zealand primary school children on a raining day. Like most primary schools, there is no uniform and no uniform footwear. Most children wear sneakers, but some pupils are barefoot. We susopect that more of the children would have been barefoot if it had not been rainy. The photograph was taken about 2010.

The type of footwear worn at New Zealand schools depended on the type of school attended. The principal difference is between primary and secondary schools. And this is because most state primary schools did not require unifornms while most secondary schools did. As a result, the children in pripary schools wore what ever footwear they and their parents preferred. This commonly meant barefeet or sneakers, although we notice a lot of other choices including various types of shoes and sandals. This was somewhat affected by the seasons, although it never gets really cold in New Zealand. There were a few eceptions to this general pattern. Catholic schools and private schools adopted uniforms like the secondary schools. This meant commonly black lace up shoes for the boys. The girls might also wear black lace ups, but strap shoes and sandals were more common. During the summer term many uniform schools adopted open-toe sandals. Not all schools had the students wear these open-toe sandals, but they were very common.


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