Kenyan School Uniform: School Types

Figure 1.--This photograph was taken at the Prince of Wales School, a presigious private school. This appears to be the prefects and house master at Nicholson House. The photograph looks to have been taken in the 1970s.

HBC at this time has virtually no information on state schools. We have noticed reports in recent years that many parents are too poor to send their children to school. Government funding has been inadequate. Kenya is not the poorest of African states, but there is still considerble poverty in the country. Government funding has been so low that some state schools have had to charge fees. The Government has inoated programs to increase school attendance. We do not yet hsave information on uniform policy, but we believe that many state schools do have uniforms. Many children are unable to afford these uniforms. The country also has several private schools, many of wgich were fonded by the British when Kenya was still a British colony.


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Created: June 11, 2004
Last updated: June 11, 2004