Tajik School Activities

Figure 1.--We had a sports day on Friday. After it was over the children- boys went to play in the sand. Here is a picture of their building activities. It looks as if it was a geography project called build a town but it was just the boys playing. They placed in the sand until their parents came for them. The shortest play was 30 minutes. The longest 1 and 1/2 hours. Image courtesy of William Fergusson.

We note children involved in many of the same activities as children in other classes. Class room arrangements seem generally very traditional with the pupils' desks in rows facing the front of the classroom. . Schools have breaks of 10 minutes after every 40 minutes of lessons. This is a factor in making children very exciteable because they play for 10 minutes rather than going to the bathroom for which the time is theoretically allocated. It is also change classroom time too. Very quickly the 10 minute break becomes 15 minutes and by April 20 minutes. There is a recess period during the morning. There is a lunch break. Few schools have cafeterias so the children bring their lunches. Sports are very popiular. We note special events like plays and recitals. There are sports days.

William Fergusson


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