Tajik School Class: Literature Lesson

Figure 1.--Here we see two boys examining a canal barge after reading "The Railway Children". The children wanted to know just what canals and barges were. Image courtesy of William Fergusson.

We do not have much information on class room teaching at this time. We do have an interesting report from a private school in Dunshambe where the teacher was using The Railway Children by E. Nesbit a part of a literature and English lesson. Students as part of the class began asking questions about England, including canals and barges.

The Railway Children

Well into the book the Railway Children visit the canal to fish. Bill the bargeman chases them off. His wife speaks to the children and tells them her husband has gone to the Rose and Crown and they can fish for the next few hours. She leaves her baby in the barge, guarded by the family pet dog. A little while later a fire breaks out on the barge. The railway children rush to the scene to save the baby and the dog. Peter falls into the canal. The baby and dog are rescued. Bobbie runs to the Rose and Crown and the Barge people come and put the fire out. Bill the Bargee says the Railway children are the right sort. They go for a trip along the canal with him because of their courage in rescuing his son.

Canals and Barges

At the end of the chapter the class looked up and asked what was a canal. What was a barge. Quite by chance I had a Powerpoint canal slide show, the Lady Book book of Canals and the model barge. These came in handy to explain about England's inland waterway and the canal. Here we see some of the students examining the barge.

William Fergusson


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